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24 years old in Ladakh

Hello, I'm Jeanne.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a storyteller. I remember memorizing the stories my father read to me at the breakfast table and reciting them to others by heart, at age five. I remember writing love poems under the covers, at age eight, stealing books from the shelves in my parents room to find inspiration. I remember taking long walks in the woods, filling them with a million voices ; trees, rocks, plants, faeries and witches and monsters, all would come talk to me and scare away my loneliness. When I was fifteen, my brother gave me a black leather notebook ; I started filling it with impressions of my days, and I never stopped.

Little by little, I became obsessed by what we remember, and how we remember it. I would collect pieces of every place I went : dirt and stones, feathers and shells, pieces of blue and green seaglass. I borrowed my fathers camera to capture tiny details of a landscape or a work of art. Amnesia was my nightmare. I turned to literature because understanding the filter words create between us and reality was essential to me. I would take each sensation, feeling, or new face like a punch in the throat. The world leaves me breathless, burning, wide open, but always hungry for more. So I write that hunger down, as I try to capture beauty like fireflies glowing between my fingers.

I was born in the south of France, raised in a country of blue mountains under chestnut-trees and golden light. In the past three years I have lived and worked in Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Indonesia, Ecuador and spent thirteen months exploring Asia on my own. Last year, my love and I welcomed our first child, Saoirse. She was born in our home, in Ecuador. We've since moved to Scotland and are currently living on a tiny island called Iona. 

I am an mother, an explorer, a writer, a picture taker. I am a ritual maker and a story teller. Most of all, I am a woman learning to grow.

These are my adventures. 

6 months pregnant in Ecuador

Saoirse and I on Iona

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