March 05, 2019

Kuala Lumpur

Just a month after moving to Phuket, we'e off to Kuala Lumpur on a visa run. We're only spending 48h there, and although I was initially annoyed I had to plan another short trip and take Saoirse on it, it turns out to be a wonderful adventure. We leave in the evening and arrive late at night in our apartment overlooking the city. In the morning, we queue in front of the Embassy to get our visa processed, and luckily we're out quickly, which gives us the whole day to visit the city.

It's Callum and Saoirse's first time, but I've been here before. Four years ago, at the beginning of my year in Asia. It was my first big asian city, and I was nursing a terrible flu, dozing off from weird medication given by a chinese doctor. I remember this place in a haze, and yet everything is the same. It's so strange to come back to a place I've spent so little time in, yet being able to find my way through the streets. Memories sprouting out of the painted walls, the chinese lanterns, the powerful jungle roots cracking the pavement open, weeds dangling from every tree. To think that a few years ago I was wandering in this city alone, and now I am doing it with my family. I take them on a tour of the places I'd seen. We buy Saoirse little gifts at the market (an embroidered dress and a painted tambourine), and walk along the river. We visit the National Mosque, and Saoise runs around in her yellow dress, attracting looks and giggles, whilst I try not to trip on the purple hooded robe I have to wear. We spend hours in the Museum of Islamic Arts, Saoirse sleeping against my chest while Callum marvels at the calligraphed books. A storm hits and so we retreat home in a taxi, and watch the rain from our balcony.

At night, we head to the walking street to find food. Saoirse tries pho and steamed crab. The next morning, we have breakfast in a park – nasi goreng and a plastic bag full of sweet mik tea. The city is greener than I remember, easy to navigate, and so welcoming we almost feel sorry for leaving. But before the feeling can really set in we're picking up our passports, newly stamped with our visas, and heading back to the airport. As we drive home that evening I cradle Saoirse's head, asleep on my lap, and smile at my love. I am the luckiest to be exploring the world with these two.

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