August 12, 2014

City of the Strait

Photodiary from Melaka.

The red remnants of the colonial town.

A helpful sign. The sidewalk in front of the houses has a roof, usually very low.

The canal running through the city reminds me of Venise.

Getting my daily coconut fix by the waterfront.

In Chinatown, the bouddhist temples incredibly colorful, and the animals sculpted on the doors always look surprised.

The view from the chapel on the hill. The ruins were sheltering old tombstones bearing pirate symbols.

Wild horses in Chinatown.

The antique shops are often located in traditional houses, owned by baba-nyonya families (the ones born out of malay and chinese weddings).

The tiny houses have the most beautiful tilework.

The varans are numerous and can get quite big. This one was tiny but very demanding. I had to give him bits of my lunch.

The north side of the city is covered in these colorful artworks depicting the story of malaysian heroes.

A funny looking deity in a chinese temple.

Light inside a baba-nyonya house.

A street near my guesthouse.

Night falling on the mosk.

The tuk tuk here are the prettiest.

Melaka is a pretty small town, and it's hard to get lost, even at night.

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