July 16, 2014


After the chaos of Siem Reap, Battambang is of a refreshing quiet. Maybe this time I'll just let the images speak.

The monks welcome me to their pagoda so kindly, and explain to me how they die their robe. None of them is of the same shade, I find it fascinating.

There are so many stray cats and dogs on the street, they broke my heart sometimes but they are good company.

In the silence of the pagoda, the clicking of her sewing machine was making a sweet music. She burst in laughter when she saw me take this, and woke up the monk sleeping next to her so suddenly he nearly fell from his hammock.

I love how even if those places are still populated, you can see signs of time passing. This is a culture that understand ruins as beauty, and aging as a journey. So many lessons to be taught.

The bunting flags are everywhere, and they make every corner feel sacred.

Beauty of the elder. She was so humble posing for me, but you can read strength all over her features.

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