June 07, 2014

A family

This is a more intimate post, since it is based on my family. I couldn't really tell if these images were worth anything, I just wanted to share them, so I'll let you be the judge.

We gather in this enormous, lonely house already bathed in summer light. Each time I forget and am reminded of the beauty of this place, dry stones smothered by the radiant green of the chesnut-trees. This place smells like childhood, holidays, old books, silk-worms, and a bit of sadness also.

I don't remember who wrote that « Happy families are all the same, but unhappy families are each unhappy in their own way », but he or she was dead wrong. The distinction is wrong. What makes a happy family ? The absence of lies, secrets, resentment ? Not a single family escape those, and definitely not mine. It is messy. It is painful. But when I look back on my photographs, here is what I see : strength, tenderness, joy. We are confused, but we are also dazzled. And even if we struggle sometimes, we match. Upon leaving I pondered if this place, who harbor so many memories and ghosts, could still be a home to us. But maybe this is what homes do : reveal us for what we are, as challenging as it may be – a family.

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  1. these images are amazing.
    and the text, well, lets say it made me think.
    hugs from norway!