May 10, 2014

The Lonely Moon

A few days ago, Roisin and I left Dublin behind and went deep into Phoenix Park. I wanted her to model for me for a while, and as she had just turned 22, it seemed like a good way to remember this moment. We shoot these between day and night, and watched the light slowly decrease, from golden glow on the grass to red sun bursting through the trees, to strange blue aura that looked like mist, and until no light remained. I didn't have a specific theme in mind while shooting, but as I arranged the images to make this post, I became aware that they were telling a sort of unwritten, soft-spoken story, one of a girl that is sun and moon at the same time, and goes through light and shadow to be transformed. The sunset washed over her like a tide, she went in and out of the woods, and suddenly she is not the same anymore. So I guess this might be a story about growth and change. Surely some people would be able to tell it better than me, but I hope you enjoy reading it.

Many thanks to the gorgeous Roisin who is just one of the loveliest beings I know.

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