April 19, 2014

Scotland, spring

I went to Edinburgh for a few days and fell in love. This is my photodiary. 

Coming into Waverley Station

A helpful sign on the way to The Royal Mile. 

The view from our hostel. 

The light in the hostel was always golden and peaceful. 

We found a great little café in Grassmarket and ate there every single day. 

Old Town is full of these closes opening everywhere like secret passages. I had to refrain from taking them all. 

The graveyard of Greyfriars was incredible, with macabre fresques on each tombstone. It rapidly became one of my favourite places to wander.

Climbing the steps of Arthur's Seat at the end of a long day. My legs were hurting but the quiet of these hills so close to the noise of the town was worth it. 
Sun and rain were playing a malicious dance for hours, so rainbows were a common thing.

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