January 31, 2014

Tipperary, January

During the first days of this new year, I stayed on a farm in North Tipperary. These are just a few memories.

I sleep in a small white room, easier to heat than the big old house. I wake up very early every morning, and this is the first thing I see. 
Beautiful blue light distorted through the window like we are underwater.

The woods nearby are eerily quiet. I often take a walk late in the day to enjoy the golden light. 
There is something spooky about being alone in the woods, just listening to the twigs crunching beneath my feet, and wondering if something else is listening.

Every morning we take the horses out of the stables and lead them to the field across the road. 
We fetch them every night, but they often don't want to come, so we run in the mud calling them, while the clouds race overhead. 
I clap my hands and whistle, so the horses will come to me, and I feel absolutely serene. 

It has been said before, but no words can describe the color of the irish countryside. The grass here is nearly fluorescent. 

One morning, I am sent to tidy the rooms upstairs. The house is four hundred years old and the rooms are freezing cold, 
but the light coming through the glass is beautiful and warm. 

Everyday, I collect eggs from the chicken and spend a moment in the garden choosing from the variety of greens. I use them to make huge salads at lunch. 

One night the temperature drops and when I wake up, everything is coated with ice. I love this moment when the frost covers the grass and everything feels asleep. 

This is a four-legged friend I met while walking through the village. I spent a long time petting him, and he followed me home everyday after that. 
He was so sweet. I didn't think of giving him a name.

During my free time, I walk a lot and try to explore as much as I can. Just outside the village, several fields open and I enter the one covered in tiny ponds. 
The ground seems to swallow my feet with every step. I wonder if they ever found any mummified people in those bogs. 

Winter light on the road. 

Although they look quite threatening, they were actually really gentle, and followed me for some time. 

Only two trains a day run through the village. I take a train home at night, and am back in the city in just a few hours. 
I always marvel at the diversity of scenery and people we can find, if we just leave our doorstep. 
I can't wait for my next adventure. 

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