November 30, 2013

Some Girls Wander By Mistake

« Some girls wander by mistake »

This series began with a red dress found in a thriftshop at a ridiculous price. A few days later, I was telling a friend about wanting to photograph a girl wearing this dress is the woods, and he told me : « How very original ! Another series about Red Riding Hood ! ». I felt very distraught because I haven’t thought of it.

Fairytales are living deep into the subconscious, especially when you are a woman. From an early age, you have learned not to wander alone, and to fear the woods where girls get lost and seduced by well-mannered wolves. The world is a dangerous place, and wandering in it is a terrible mistake. But here is another way to look at it. 

There is a young woman in the woods, and she is lost. Or maybe she isn’t. Who knows, and who cares ? She is wearing a dress that shines through the bushes and the leaves, and maybe she walked away from a party, from a ball, from a reception, because she was bored. She is part Red Riding Hood, part Sleeping Beauty, part every little girl who has been told not to divert from the wooden path and has done it anyway. They always tell us to stay on the traveled road, because away from the road are the
monsters, away from the road are men ready to eat us alive, devour us. But this one, she is not afraid. She’s wearing red because she is not afraid of being seen, and because red is the colour of women. Maybe she will never find her way out. Maybe she does not want to. She’s the little girl, the princess on the run, the witch and the hunter combined. And maybe, just maybe, this time the wolf should run away. Because she’s wearing red.  

This series was dreamt while listening mostly to Sigur Rós « Kveikur » album.

Model is the gorgeous Aoibheann Schwartz. 


  1. Le texte et les images, c'est superbe Jeanne !

  2. these are absolutely stunning!!!!!! i love them. adore them - and that dress! ah x