October 08, 2013

Galway, october

A few impressions from a incredibly fun trip in Galway.

Looking through the droplets-covered windows of a slow train. Watching the scenery changing along the railway, but still flat, still green. The afternoon light falling on the coast. Sharing a room with twelve people. Going out for a pint, or two, or three. Waking up, eyes wide open despite the lack of sleep, getting dressed on tip-toe to avoid waking up everyone. Walking under cold rain and finding an adorable red café. Eating the most delicious breakfast while savouring the quiet. Going on a hike under a blazing sun, being blinded by the reflection of the light on the salt and the waves. Taking way too many overexposed pictures. Walking to a lighthouse only to discover that a sewage station is blocking the way. Climbing on huge stones and walking around the stations wall to get to the strand. Finding dozens of white and grey feathers hidden in the purple bushes of thorns and wondering what a fight it must have been for the bird to lose so many of them. Lying down on a patch of the greenest grass and letting the sun burn our faces. 
Walking along the strand. Finding a group of wreckages emerging from the sea like dead waterlilies. Jumping from the quay to the deck, and feeling the layers of old paint and splinters under our fingers. Taking photos of a little girl feeding joyously an army of seagulls, mallards, and swans bigger than her. Listening to a music session in a pub. Dancing endlessly throughout the night, surrounded by flashes of light and blasts of sound, wearing a dress that doesn't belong to me ; feeling like a ghost moving through a storm of colors and smoke ; and finally going to bed exhausted, hair still wet from the light rain falling on the sleeping streets of Galway. 

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