October 08, 2013

Early days in Dublin

This post is kind of a mess. Some of the pictures were taken in the streets of Dublin chasing after the wonderful dancing animals of the Macnas company. Some were taken in the lovely and ephemeral Granby Park. Some were taken in the peaceful haze of my new home.

There is something so elating about moving to a new city. Walking in streets not so unknown to me and suddenly spotting a house you never seen before, red door hidden between two grey buildings. I found a new home with a pea green door and a large window-bay opening on a messy garden. I watch the sun rising over the garden, and I watch the evening falling over the garden, and I enjoy the stillness with a bowl of honeyed tea warming my hands. The garden is weaved with spiderwebs and red spots of ladybugs all around. There is tender light, fragile leaves heavy with dew, wet dark soil that crumbles between my fingers.

I spend most of my days here outside, riding my bike under a grey, low sky, sometimes troubled by a pale sunbeam. You can smell the salty sea from here. Autumn is warm and slow, but the streets are set ablaze by the many artists roaming them and performances taking place. I come home late at night, eyes bright and weary legs. Sometimes, moving places means you suddenly remember how to do things. I started making crazy breakfast bowls again. I started to ride a bike again. It is as if each place I go awake something different, but everything belongs to me. Whether it is about cooking, writing, teaching classes, meeting new people or traveling, I am a new person in a new place, and Dublin feels more like home than anywhere Ive ever been. 

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